Let Comfort Aged Care Center (CACC) caregivers and therapists care for your elderly loved ones in the comfort of our respite center.

CACC is an integrated program providing maintenance day care, social activities, and rehabilitation on demand. We provide full-day, half-day, or respite care support for the elderly so as to maintain their general physical and psychosocial well-being.

At our center seniors engage in cognitively engaging programs and maintenance exercises that enable seniors to be more socially active. Physiotherapists and occupational therapy services can be provided at a cost.

Breakfast, lunch, and tea break will be served (depending on the schedule of service).

If you’re the primary caregiver of your loved one and feel burnt out, our Respite Care is here to give you the break you deserve.

Our goal is to help both your loved one and you feel at your best.

Professional Aged Care

We guide individuals in every step of the way towards comfort. We always go the extra mile to make this possible. We do this by designing a plan of care that addresses, alleviates, and manages life-limiting circumstances. Our team believes in the inherent dignity of all so we tirelessly work to ensure that we provide care and support that meet the needs and wishes of our patients.

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Dementia Care

Learn more about dementia and understand the effects this progressive condition has on your loved one and their care needs. Need care support for a loved one with dementia? Our dementia-trained Care Pros can help.

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Quality Care

Seniors who require the following services may enroll into our Comfort Day Care:

Day care services – Half day, full day or respite care service
Assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) and personal care needs
Recently discharged from a hospital, and possess good rehabilitation potential for further improvement in the physical and functional status
Maintenance exercise program to maintain current physical status or prevent deterioration.